Première Mustang 1965 vendu au pulblic

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Première Mustang 1965 vendu au pulblic

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First Public Sale

Gail Wise still has the invoice, dated April 15, 1964, from Johnson Ford in Chicago. On that day, the 22 year-old Gail purchased her first car. “I was just looking for a convertible,” she says. “And the salesman said, ‘Come back here, I have something you might like.” In the garage area, under wraps, was a brand-new Skylight Blue Mustang convertible. The salesman, either unaware that the Mustang didn’t officially go on-sale for another two days or just anxious to earn his commission, sold the car to Gail on the spot. Suddenly, Gail had the only Mustang on the streets of Chicago.

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en Juillet 1964

une belle couleur ce Skylight Blue

au revoir

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